Want to Instill Confidence In Your Child?

Join our Kajukenbo classes to see what all the hype is about

Here at Red Dragon Kajukenbo, we teach kids ages 5-14 and teenagers the art of Kajukenbo. This type of martial art is a combination of the words karate, judo, jujutsu, Kenpo and boxing. Combining various methods of striking, throwing and takedowns, as well as kicking and joint locks, Kajukenbo channels the skills of many different art forms to develop students into successful martial artists. If you think that Kajukenbo might be a fun and valuable experience for your child, we invite you to sign up for an upcoming class.

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5 benefits of practicing Kajukenbo

There are many great reasons to sign your child up for Kajukenbo classes. Kajukenbo offers the opportunity to...

  • Release built-up energy
  • Learn coordination and confidence
  • Set and reach obtainable goals
  • Practice structure and discipline
  • Maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle
If you think your child might benefit from learning Kajukenbo, plan a visit to our dojo. Come by today to see Kajukenbo in action at 2514 Sundance Rd in Nampa, ID.