Sigung Tony's goal is to make it feel like a traditional dojo when you walk in offering your family a second home. We are family oriented and welcome your entire family to come support, even the family pet!!

Supporting families and the community is very important to Sigung Tony and working with the next generations. We have classes designed for the little ones, Sigung Tony has a special talent working with this age group. No student ever has to worry about not being good enough because it is about self-growth, Sigung gets to know each student and understands their limits and has the special touch to push them just enough. He prides himself on keeping things traditional and following the Kajukenbo way, "Kaju Strong" and CH'UAN-FA, "Everything is a strike, and everything should hurt". During training the goal is to never hurt each other, but we practice for conditioning and defense and Kajukenbo is based around real life threats while incorporating the values of martial arts like Decline, Respect, Confidence, Focus, Self-Control and Self Esteem.

Sigung Tony is a 6th Degree black belt under the instruction of Senior Grand Master Tino Paz and the late Great Grand Master Charles Gaylord under the Kajukenbo Association of America.

Kajukenbo stands for Karate, Judo & Ju-Jitsu, Kenpo & Chinese Boxing. It is the Original Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which was developed in Hawaii in the 1940's. Our lineage is strong, all the way back to Sijo Emperado and all the Grand Masters before are still honored each and every day.
Welcome to the Red Dragon Kajukenbo Ohana!